Frequently Asked Questions

Being a parent of four young children myself, I understand how many questions come along with the task of finding the best therapist to work with your child. I want to answer all of the questions you may have, so here are some common questions parents inquiring on our services have. - Rachel, founder of Interact Therapy

What is the evaluation process?

At your first visit, an evaluation will include:
1. Formal and informal evaluations
2. Parent and child interviews
3. Parent-therapist collaboration regarding your child’s current skills and challenges


Following the evaluation, your therapist will discuss recommendations and provide you with a copy of the evaluation report. If further therapy is recommended, your child will be seen at a frequency that is decided by you and your therapist to address his/her needs in a fun and playful way during treatment and through home program suggestions. If therapy is not recommended, you and your child will be provided with ideas and therapy tools/suggestions to use at home and in the community.

What does a typical evaluation consist of and how long does it take?

Each evaluation takes no more than 60 minutes. A formal evaluation, informal measures, child and parent interview, and review of medical and birth history will be done. With a signed release of information, we may also collaborate with outside care providers.

Does my insurance cover the services?

Each insurance plan is different and provides different benefits. To know if your insurance will cover services, please call your insurance company to see if your benefits cover therapy services.

How long will my child be in therapy?

Depending on your child’s skill level, the frequency and duration will vary. Your therapist will work with you to set up a schedule, provide home programming, and discuss progress regularly with you.

How is Interact different than school therapy?

Therapy services in the school setting focus on developing skills needed for education. Therapy services at Interact focus on your child’s life within his/her natural environment, which consists of home, school, and community. Goals developed will impact the child’s every day setting.

Where does my child go to get therapy?

Interact will travel to your home, daycare, or afterschool program to provide therapy. We also offer services within our clinic located in Fargo, ND.